Come and See Fall 2023!

September 12 - 6:30pm Blessed Sacrament Church Hall, near Canyon Lake

Exploring for Boys and Girls in the Black Hills of South Dakota

The FNE is the North American branch of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe, a pontifical right association of the faithful which traces its history back to the French Catholic scouting movement founded by Ven. Fr. Jacques Sevin, s.j., in 1930. The FNE delivers a proven, same-gender, year-round program experience that helps shape youth into honest, loving, Christ-centered, happy young men and women in a fun and constructive manner.

Boys and girls learn how to assume responsibility, leadership positions, to work hard within a diverse team and as individuals, and to finish what they start. Activities are constructive with purpose and structure to develop skills and useable knowledge and experiences that will measurably help develop the all-around child to be the best that he or she can be.

A sense of God, right from wrong, love, service, charity, kindness is fully interwoven into their program experience from a Catholic Christian (blessed by Holy See) faith perspective. Our youth have the opportunity to embrace the Sacraments of the Catholic Church within various FNE program activities such as weekend camps.

FNE, like its home movement (Federation of Scouts of Europe – FSE), remains true to its time-proven values, principles, and ideals. Our leaders are all volunteers (with background checks) who devote their time and effort to protect, guide, and lead the youth entrusted to our program.

We are a uniquely uniformed movement that operates our program like a family with love, responsibility, support, and encouragement. Come and learn more about us to see how your children and your whole family will benefit from the FNE.

Regina Caeli is a local FNE group located in Rapid City, SD.

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